fusion garden

Beauty meets function – by Johanna Powell ( — Fusion gardening is the latest concept in garden design. The latest trend in gardening brings together the luxurious beauty of a traditional garden with exciting elements of colour and texture, and water retention features that benefit the natural environment. Read More>

fusion garden

Fusion gardening: Blending eco-friendly design elements into a traditional landscape! by Tara Nolan ( — What is fusion gardening, exactly? The way I interpret it is it’s basically a blend of traditional gardening elements (visual design, for example), whilst accommodating several environmental factors—pollinators, rainwater, native plants, etc. Read More>

Fusion Garden Display at Canada Blooms! Canada Blooms is a showcase of a vast range of home and garden products and accessories. Some of the main items of exhibit at the show are horticulture products, garden decoration themes, garden care and maintenance products. The show also includes several renowned landscape professionals that provide products and/or services to clients. Read More>

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‘Water is the new fire,’ says the Insurance Bureau of Canada

The concrete landscape of our country’s developing cities is accelerating the loss of absorbent ground, with ever-increasing amounts of water having no place to go.

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